No need to rush back town after a seminar or a hike! We offer comfortable accommodation in simply furnished but cozy rooms.

We have three accommodation houses – Hiker`s house with 25 beds and  Saunahouse with 11 beds and a log house with 4 beds. Extra beds are available for 15.

Hiker`s house. Downstairs there  is small kitchen with self-service (coffee maker, refridgerator and microwave), living room (chairs, table, tv, music center) and a bedroom with ante-room. The downstairs bedroom is with 2 bunk bed, shower and toilet. There are two sofas, a coffee table and a desk at the ante-room. Upstairs there are eight bedrooms with 20 beds and a shower and toilet in the corridor. The clients can also use showers at sauna rooms. There is terrace in front of the house, where are tabels and benches, also possible to grill.

Saunahouse. On the first floor there are sauna rooms with separate entries. On the second floor there are four bedrooms with 11 beds. There is also small living room with refrigerator, coffeemaker, teapot, chairs, table and TV. To the living room you can order snacks from the diner. Accomodation price does not include sauna service

Log-house. There is living room with fireplace, small kitchen and bathroom downstairs.  Upstairs there are 4 sleeping pads.  In front of house there is small cozy terrace with table and benches, it is possible to grill there.

Accommodation prices for groups and companies

Accommodation house From Sunday to Thursday  From Friday to Sunday
Saunahouse accommodation (number of beds to 11, the opportunity to place an extra bed for up to 2 people) 198 €  245 €
Hikehouse Accommodation I and II floor with livingroom (number of beds to 24 extra beds to 11 beds) 440 €  490 €
Saunahouse and Hikehouse accommodation with livingroom (in the number of beds to 36, the possibility of additional beds to 13) 550 € 630 €
Loghouse 65 €   85 €
Extra bed in room 7 €  10 €

In case of vacancies it is possible to book separate rooms

NOTE! During competitions accommodation prices may differ from the regular price list!

From Sunday to Thursday  From Friday to Sunday
2-bedded room 32 €  40 €
3-bedded room 42 €  52 €
4-bedded room 52 €  68 €
Extra bed in room 7 € 10 €

The price of accommodation includes a light breakfast (porridge, a pie or a sandwich and coffee / tea). It`s possible to order breakfast with more choices. Time for breakfast from 8:00 to 9:00. For earlier breakfast extra charge is added (20% of the accommodation price).

Breakfast packages
Porridge, sandwiches, tea / coffee (accommodation price) portion 5.00€
Porridge, sandwich cuts, fruit, tea / coffee, milk / buttermilk, juice drink portion 6.00€
Sandwiches, muesli with milk / yogurt, fruit, tea / coffee  6.00€
Mashed, boiled eggs, sandwich cuts, tea / coffee, milk portion 6.00€
Fried eggs with bacon, tomato and cucumber sections, cheesecake, tea / coffee, milk portion 6.50€

Upkeep of the Centre:

Unauthorized action in the buildings and on the territory, which may damage property or landscaping, is prohibited.
Smoking is allowed only in the center of the dining house terrace or at the campfire.
Please throw garbage to trashcans.
It is allowed to make fire only at campfire places.
The customer has to compensate the damage made according to the market value of the property or the cost of restoration.
Their food and drinks consumption on the territory of the Centre is prohibited without the Centre’s present Agreement. Otherwise we have the right not to serve the customer.

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