Bog shoe hike and swimming in bog lakes in Kõrvemaa

We would like to invite you on a bog shoe hike along a wonderful natural landscape to seize the day and discover yourself! Time will stop, and you will keep the memories of unforgettable moments – a tiny piece of Estonia!

Northern Kõrvemaa`s landscape consists mostly of swamps and bogs, separated by eskers. Near the Center there are 6 different bogs – Püüsaare, Koitjärve, Salu, Riistakõrve, Kõnnu ja Lillessoo. Koitjärve, Kõnnu and Püüsaare are the most unique. There are about 30 lakes in northern Kõrvemaa, but if bog-lakes are included, the number is about 50!

To avoid sinking, bogshoes are indispensable! Bog-shoes are the magic shoes, that help us to walk on bog without sinking or causing the damage to the environment. They provide you with a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with these amazing landscapes. On the hike we explore  bog and it´s biota, but also the history of northern Kõrvemaa and the genesis of Kõrvemaa nature reserve. Thrills can be added by swimming in the bog-lakes!

It is possible to pass through the bog in silence and being silent to hear the voices of the bog and become one with nature!

Price: 390€ /10 participants. Price for individual hike is 120€/person.

The price includes:

  • Guide services
  • Neccessary equipment
  • Light meal at arrival – soup and oven-baked
  • Campfire picnic and cooking meal on bonfire after the hike




Good health and swimming skills are important! Take swimwear and camera with you. And don`t forget high spirits!

Additional options: 

  • Accomodation – at the guest house or in sling-tents
  • Sauna – regular sauna, farm-era wood-heated log sauna and hot tubs
  • Catering – explore the menu here