Food and diner

Welcome to the former farm house called Oja farm dining house. Our kitchen serves delicious home-cooked meals. We prefer fresh and raw materials for cooking.  We follow old traditions of cooking like our parents did, but with a little modern touch.

Our clients favorites are homemade bread,  borsch soup, oven-baked meat and Oja farm house cake (curd cake).

Menu at Kõvemaa Hike and Ski Resort

Nourishing meals: 
  • Borsch  0,5l 3,00€
  • Daily Special  4,00€
  • Herring with onion and boiled potatoes 4,00€
  • Fries with frankfurters 5,50€
  • Grilled sausages with salad, oven-baked potatoes or fries 6,00€
  • Chicken skewers with salad, oven-baked potatoes or fries 8,00 €
  • Pork meat with salad and oven-baked potatoes or fries 8,00€
  • Oven-baked salmon with salad, oven-baked potatoes or fries 9,00€
Baked goods:
  • Our famous House-cake with curd and peaches 2,00€
  • Pancakes with jam  4€
  • Fresh-baked pies (salty and sweet) 1,00€ – 2,50€
  • Home-made bread during weekends (ham and garlic; fruit and nuts; caraway and herbs) 5,00€
  • Good quality machine coffee, cocoa, blueberry soup, hot and cold drinks 1,50€ – 2,50€

There are up to 50 seats on the first floor and 40 seats on the second floor for dining. During summer period we have an open terrace and seats up to 500 person. We do have experience in catering  large events and marathons.

Welcome to Kõrvemaa!