Hikes during Summer

Summer-season activities for groups

North-Kõrvemaa Nature Reserve natural scenery is magnificent. it is the third largest nature reserve in Estonia. Dominated by forests and bogs, it aims to protect rare and endangered species, their habitats, and valuable natural landscapes.

Here side of North-Kõrvemaa nature reserve you find a Sportland Kõrvemaa Hike and Skiing Resort. We offer all that one hiker or active lifestyle people in holiday needs beside a great nature – homemade food and good coffee; saunas and hot tubs; simple accommodation; good wifi connection; campfire places etc. You can also rent a bicycles, kickbikes, snowshoes, camping and fishing equipment. We also assist you for planning you hike and draw you hiking map.  During the summer there are possibilities to swim in lakes, pick berries and enjoy the Estonian summer.

It is ideal place for hiking, bird watching and active vacation. A great opportunity to escape from city and have a pleasant day in the untouched nature.

  • Marsh hike at North-Kõrvemaa untouched Koitjärve bog 

Snowshoeing offer an unforgettable experience while walking where you do not normally can go and to
Räätsamatkadplaces that you rarely visits by yourself. It is not like traditional hike by walking the boardwalk but by untouched marsh ground feeling all the peats and water beneath you. Snowshoes are indispensable equipment for every bog hike. That way the hikers also will not damage the marsh soils. It is exceptional opportunity to find out marsh scenery and to tray sway near bog pool. The season is early autumn to early spring.

It takes at least 3-4 hours for enjoy the real marsh nature. The price includes guide, snow-shoes and leggings for protection.

The price for 10 person is 280€

  • Kickbike’s hikes in North-Kõrvemaa

These kind hikes are exciting and fun, and just for North Kõrvemaa landscape. The bikes are equipped

with a decent braking system, and they are easy to handle. These hikes are suitable for every age, also for children with the age of 8 yeas.

Our hiking route leads eyelets, forest trails, lakes and from marshis. If possible to swim in forest lake, if desired, to fish at Ännilake and we have a nice picnic in nature.  Kõrvemaa forests are covered with wild berries during the summer season, which makes hiking delicious.

Tempo of hiking will depend on the ability of group  - go together and come together.  It takes time approximately 4 hours with swimming and picnic.

The price for 10 person is 280€ The price includes kickbikes, helmets, protective equipment and guide services.

  • FATbike hike at untouched nature at North-Kõrvemaa nature reserve

North Kõrvemaa dense network of roads are as created for bicycle hikes. We will take you to a pleasant
hike along the eskers, along marsh lakes and show Northern Kõrvemaa Natural sights, if you have not seen, you wound believe. These are Jussi heather moorland, which stretches 140 hectares; Paukjärve lake in a very clear and bright green lake water and Paukjärve gazebo; Haraka marsh lake and marsh with picnic place, Russian Hill and the lake; Pikanõmme eskers with views of the bog. This is exactly the kind of trip where everyone can find something new and worthy of discovery. If possible to swim in lakes,  bog pools, and eat wild berries.

The hike taks up to approximately 5 hours of hiking, the tempo will depend of the group.

The price for 10 person is 280€ The price includes bikes, helmets and protective equipment and guide services.

  • Hike in the footsteps of Beaver

North Kõrvemaa lakes and bog rich landscape makes for beavers favorite place for living and they have
built their paradise near the center. This is paradise, and we are getting ready to see and examine their everyday life.  Before hike we will hear guide tales of beaver’s lifestyle. During the hike we will be silent and hopefully the fantastic animals can also be seen with your own eyes.  After hiking we are going to have pleasant time at campfire with picnic to share experience and time for questions and answers. The hike will take time approximately 2 hours.

Price for 10 persons is 230€ Price includes pre-program of beaver hiking, trekking boots for the hike and guide services.

  • Hike in the footsteps of Beaver and night at woods sleeping in tree tents!

The hike will start at least 2 hours before sunset to the woods. Overnight in the woods can be an exciting,
http://www.korvemaa.ee/wp-content/uploads/telkla_big-e1399962284267-275x160.jpginteresting and full of surprises, more particularly staying overnight at tree tents. After hiking approximately one hour we will end up near the beaver nest, where the tree tents are already waiting. The clients can observe the nature all night long up to morning. The guide will visit the camp place at morning and then the clients can hike back to center to have nice breakfast.

The price includes: hike with guide to the woods, tree tents equipment (tent, futon, sleeping bag), breakfast

  • The price up two persons – 115€
  • The price up tree persons – 145€
  • The price for six persons – 195€

For additional fee

- The guide will stay overnight also at woods

- Night binoculars

Catering options during the hikes:

  • Rich raspberry-mint drink, baked pies and fruit or berries – 3,5€ per person
  • Rich raspberry-mint drink yourself home-baked bread with herb butter and fruits or berries – 3,5€ per person
  • Delicious homemade borš soup, baked pies, house cake (cheesecake) and drink – 7€ per person
  • Grilled sausages on fire, ash potatoes, salad  and  house cake (cheesecake)  - 9€ per person
 For more information and reservations please contact us:  info@korvemaa.ee