Welcome to Kõrvemaa!

Northern Kõrvemaa is one of Estonia’s natural pearls, where bogs, valleys, and various hiking and health trails await you. Next to the main road lies one of the most beautiful hiking and skiing centres, where people always have the opportunity to ski in the forest! There is also a nice café, where delicious homemade food is offered, the hostess has a good sense of humour, and you can meet familiar faces.

SUNRISE HIKE IN KÕRVEMAA Every morning is the beginning of something new – every morning, the sun rises… The day begins memorably when you step out the door in the morning, with the moon still in the sky, and you know that something new, something different, awaits you, but you’re not sure exactly what yet. You have started the day earlier than others. The world is still asleep and few are awake; even fewer are about to take the journey! In the darkness of the morning, there is a café on the edge of the forest, with its lights on, where meals are already being prepared, and freshly baked pastries and pies accompanied by hot morning coffee are awaiting hikers… It is going to be a great day!

WINTER PARADISE WITH FIRST SNOW! When the first snow falls, Sportland Kõrvemaa Hiking and Ski Centre, located close to Aegviidu, becomes a much-appreciated recreational centre for active lifestyle fans as well as athletes and genuine sports enthusiasts. The centre has varied and well-maintained trails with lengths of 1.5, 3, 5, 19 and 24 km, a nice sledging slope, and a snow tubing slope. After some activity, it is good to relax in the hot sauna, enjoy delicious winter and Christmas meals, music, and dance evenings. If you wish to have a good rest before the next day of action, there is also the opportunity to stay overnight.

THE 24 KM SKI TRAIL IS UNIQUE  IN ESTONIA Sportland Kõrvemaa Skiing and Hiking Centre is the starting point for the unique 24 km ski trail, which passes through the beautiful landscapes of Lagesoo, Lillsoo and Riistkõrve Bog, hills, slopes and valleys (Verioja mägi, Lõuniku mägi, and Katkumägi and Venemägi) and passes by the enchanting lakes of Linajärv, Ännijärv, Harakajärv, Sillaotsa järv, Mustjärv and Venejärv. The track provides the opportunity to disappear into the forest for 2–3 hours. If 24 km is not enough, you can take the 65 km Kõrvemaa health track. Take a nice thermos with hot tea from the café with you to keep you warm along the way.

TRAILS FOR CHILDREN AND CHILDCARE  PROGRAMME The trail for small children has gone through many improvements this year. Children as young as 2 years old, are welcome on the trail. At the beginning of the track, recommendations on how to teach a child to ski are provided for parents. Information boards, with pictures of various animals and their tracks, make skiing even more fun for the kids. More experienced children have the opportunity to try their skills on the 1.5 and 3 km ski trails. An active childcare programme is provided for children starting from 4 years, which includes sledging, skiing and crafts. In addition to these activities, you can watch cartoons in the playroom. The Ojamägi Centre will soon also have a snow tube slope, which makes the day on the hill even more fun. Snow tubes and sledges can be rented on site. The hosts of the centre recommend that children wear a helmet while sledging.

BIKE, WALK OR RIDE A FAT BIKE IN WINTER! This winter season, there are a lot of activities for hikers as well. The marked hiking trails will be calling you, and there is a choice between taking a sledge, skis, of just grabbing your hiking boots. It is even more enjoyable, because the track is well maintained and all the necessary hiking equipment can be rented from the rental point. The hiking trail runs along RMK Venemäe campsite, where you can have a good picnic and get warm by the campfire. Come on a hike with family and friends, rent the equipment you need, and we will create a hiking route with a map, ensuring you have a great day of hiking.

SUNDAY FAMILY DAY WITH HIKING AND PANCAKES Every Sunday, visitors are welcome to come on a family hike. You can add to the excitement by renting skis, a push sledge, snow shoes or a sleigh. The hiking timetable comes out at the beginning of the season, and anyone interested can register for the hike on the www.korvemaa.ee events page. Sportland Kõrvemaa Hiking and Ski Centre has activities for all ages! Sleigh rides of different lengths are available during the weekends, and there is also a complimentary short ride for children at 11:00.

During the weekend, the ski school also invites everyone to take part in classes, starting every hour from 11:00. 11.00 free skiing test and consultation;  children’s ski lessons 12.00 classical cross-country technique training  for children and adults separately 13.00 freestyle cross-country technical training  for children and adults separately 14.00–16.00 personal training sessions